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Terms and Conditions


* - Hosting is on shared cPanel server and is provided 'as available' per the shared resources or the Web Host. Web Host gives no warranty, express or implied, for the Product/Services, including any reimbursement for losses of income due to disruption of services by  WebHost or its providers. The Customer irrevocably, waives all right to claim reimbursements for lost business income as a result of interruptions to Product/Services provided by Web Host. The reason for this is because we have found that nearly all New Zealand hosts don't stick by their word to provide consistent good service at a good cost. We are continually looking for improved hosting service. If you are such a host, please contact us.

Private server, dedicated server, virtual server, and out-of-country hosting are also available. 


A full cPanel backup is done once a year. MySQL backups are done as needed. A Weekly and Monthly backup service is available at a cost.
Backups are retained for 1-year then deleted.

Right to Refuse Work, Cancel Contract or On-Going Work

Wellington Websites and their staff and agents reserve the right to refuse work, or to cancel a contract or on-going work based on such reasons as:

  • Aesthetic, design, or ethical reasons. Example: XXX sites.

  • Client refusal to establish and/or maintain acceptable business practises, policies, and procedures, with regards to data integrity, security, and accessibility to needed resources. The web host maintains minimum backups, beyond that it is the client's resposibility to ensure on-going data integrity.

  • Excessive changing of the scope of work once the project has been accepted and work has started. It is understood that some changes to a project can occur during building, but changes of more than 20% of the scope of design will incur hourly change rates billed at $145 per hour and will be supplemental to the quoted project price. Any hourly overages are due and payable weekly.

  • Lack of purchaser responsibility: All of our websites and programming are easily updatable and changeable by anybody. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to find a person of adequate intelligence and technical knowledge to maintain changes to the website. We offer all training for the first year as included in the website design price for complete website packages. Refusal of training will result in cancellation of that current contract. If a shopping cart system was purchased then it is the responsibility of the website purchaser to maintain the shopping cart and deal with customer service issues (like people who don't know how to purchase on the internet and problems with people understanding how to use PayPal or Payment Express).

Any refunds, if any, on such cancellation of contracts or on-going work are at the sole discretion of Wellington Websites and thier staff or agents.